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Sun-Safe Clothing

Here is a review of a selection of sites, roughly categorized. Those with an ‘ * ‘ are my personal favorites. Use this search box to just search these sites:

Sun Protective Clothing / Fashion styles:

*Ayana Apparel


Sun Safe Designer Clothing

Sun Protective Clothing / Traditional or conservative styles:


*Sun Precautions

Sun Protective Clothing / Sporty-style / or Swimwear:

Radicool – Swimwear


Stingray – Swimwear

*Sun Safe – Swimwear

Sun Protective Clothing / Mixed styles or shopping sites:

Shady Lady Products – Sun Protection for the whole family

Sun Protected

My skin is fair and most years shopping locally for the summer can be pretty frustrating, with most of the stocked clothing very exposing to the skin. This past year (2010) was the first time I had success finding some great long-sleeve white cotton blouses, which will eventually be dyed other colors, one in all. Yet these are not sun-proof - as I can attest by trial.

So here is a list of sites I comiled for my own sun-safe clothing web shopping expeditions - and I hope you can benefit as well from this list, especially my redheaded sisters out there! I originally compiled this list of English-based Retail Websites Worldwide in 2008. Let me know if you have a relevant site - especially in the fashion-oriented category - thanks in advance (, subject line: sunsafe clothing website).

While I cannot vouch for the production processes used to produce ‘sun safe’ material from an environmental perspective without further research, I have been thinking that investing in sun-safe clothing may cut down on the need for suncreens, plus all the run off into the water supply, and just cutting down on resource use longer term. Also, I was diagnosed with a severe vitamin D deficiency after years of using sun block daily, SPF 15 in the winter on my face and hands and SPF 30-50 in the summer. Clothing seems like the way to go, in terms of block the sun when it is possible.



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